Hello, my name is Matt.

I love solving problems, learning new systems, and making things. Those interests led me to creative hobbies and technical careers in IT and the videogame industry. It was there that I discovered design, a field that merges my analytical curiosity with my creative drive.

While my career in design is still developing and I'm searching for my place within it, I pride myself on delivering high-polished, well thought-out designs and concepts. While I frequently work solo, I prefer to work in collaboration or with a team. In my experience, conversation is the quickest route to uncovering insights and narrowing down the possibilities towards the best solution.

I live and work in St. Louis with my wife and dog. I love games of all types (video, board, card, yard), making noisy music, and am currently wrapped up with building retro arcade cabinets. If you'd like to work together or would like to see my resume, don’t hesitate to reach out


If you’re interested in the games I made with Secret Library, they’re both free to download here: Cool Pizza | Centrifeud


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