Logitech G

Logitech G: Art Direction / Studio Photography

Logitech G is the gaming division of computer peripheral maker Logitech. It’s a segment defined by its lack of maturity, subtlety or refinement. Typical game-industry marketing falls on a scale of Mall-Ninjas to Mountain Dew. My art direction for G’s “Play Advanced” campaign elevated their keyboards, mice and headsets from toys to precision engineered devices for serious competitors.

These pieces of “Master Creative” were developed for product releases and to be used as a guide for Logitech’s in-house designers. I conceived, photographed and designed several of these campaigns during my time with New Honor Society and greatly expanded my skill set with studio photography and video.

Logitech G Short Films: Motion Graphics / Video Production / Scoring

Logitech G wanted to entrench itself as an industry leader in technology, innovation and engineering and be recognized as such by their consumers. In that effort I helped create several brand films for Logitech G that refelcted their prowess through the lens of new products that were the first of their kind. For these films I assisted on the research, scripting, story-boarding, and provided all motion graphics and music scoring.